Our first two weeks of traveling consisted of one glorious week in Greece, and another historic (humbling) five days in Rome.  We were on a time crunch to get to France the following week, so we decided to take in as much as Rome as we possibly could.  While we didn’t make it to Naples or Florence, we never once thought while were there that we made a mistake.

Imagine walking though the 2,000 year old halls, and the arena at the Colosseum.  Imagine being one of the 50,000 spectators witnessing death by gladiator, or death by lion.  Transport yourself walking through the Roman Forum walking the same foot steps of Julius Caesar, and Marc Anthony.  Lose yourself in the opulence of the Vatican City taking in the Sistine Chapel, or walk through murals painted by Raphael.  Stroll through the Italian streets at night to get the real vibe of Italy after the shops have closed, and the tourists have gone to bed.

This is Rome where gladiator’s, and warriors were born.  Where at one time, and Empire ruled most of Europe.  Where fashion never goes out of style, and where the pizza is the best in the world.

“Are you entertained?”