995610_10151494634308920_1697887372_nI had just been laid off of my job for the second time in 2009.  During the great recession it was difficult for anyone to hold down any type of job.  Since I worked in escrow, it only seemed a matter of time before I would be joining the unemployment line.  While I was sad that I lost my job, I wasn’t surprised.  Just about everyone in the United States lost their jobs that year, I was just another statistic.  While trying to plan out the next move, Sky and I went to see “UP” as it had just been released to the theater.  You have to have a dead, cold heart to not cry during the first twenty minutes of that movie.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I left that movie bawling my eyes out and realizing that the time on this Earth is short, and if we don’t live our dreams, our lives pass in front of our eyes.  Sky had been asking me for two weeks if I wanted to go to Thailand, each time I turned him down saying it was irresponsible.  When I left that theater, I turned to him and said, “book the trip”.