936367_293859980749815_1564707824_nAloha! E komo mai to our site, The Gypsy and the Pioneer.  I’m Sarah the Gypsy and my husband, Sky, is the Pioneer.  We’re both self-employed.  Sky works in the both the film industry and as an eco guide, and I am a photographer, tarot reader, artist, writer and blogger.  We both have been traveling since we were at a young age.  Though the way our families traveled was very different.  While my family was staying at the Marriott or Ritz Carlton, Sky was living out of a converted milk truck and tee-pee.

Sky’s story:

Sky began his life “on the road” with parents of the Sixties generation. He was born in the small Canadian/Indian village of Bella Coola, British Columbia and his early travels took him through out the Western United States in the family’s camper, a converted milk delivery truck. The Chamberlains spent two years living in a teepee on an Indian reservation in Arizona before continuing on to Mexico. When at last the limits of age required that Michael attend school, the family settled down in Grand Haven, Michigan.  Where he later would meet his wife, Sarah.   While growing up in Michigan, “Sky” developed the habit of exploring every possible nook and cranny of the State. As he got older he expanded his interests to the Central and Eastern United States. His hobbies included hiking, camping, mountain biking, kayaking, and photography.

After graduating from high school, Sky put on a backpack and hitch hiked from Michigan to California. When no “car” could go further he bought a one-way ticket to Kauai, Hawaii. He lived on Kauai for six months assisting in the recovery effort of Hurricane Iniki victims, a devastating storm that had struck the island on September 11 1992. The experience had a profound effect on him which would lead him back to Hawaii with Sarah in 2003.

Sarah’s story:

Sarah was born in Hinsdale Illinois to a mid-western dad, and a Swedish mother.  She was only five when her parents up and moved back to her mother’s homeland.  There Sarah was deeply integrated in the Swedish culture and spent most of her time outdoors in the beautiful Swedish summers.  One of her favorite memories would be taking strolls through the woods on the island of Styso where her grandmother lived.

Her family moved back to Michigan later and settled in Spring Lake, about a ten minute drive to her “would-be” husband.  Her home was the first on the block in a densely wooded area.  Sarah would climb trees, ride her bike on the newly paved roads, crawl and scale new homes being built, and spending the winters skiing, sledding, and ice-skating.  Her family traveled quite a bit, and often visited the east coast of the U.S.A. where Sarah fell in love with the ocean and lobster.

The first time Sarah had actually been camping outside of the Marriott was when she met Sky.  She immediately fell in love again with the outdoors and couldn’t find enough time to hike, camp and have campfire’s under the star laden sky.  Her hobbies are hiking, camping, stand-up paddling, traveling, exploring, photography and writing.