Christmas In The Islands

Mele Kalikimaka!

As we’re coming up on the end of the year I’ve been reflecting a lot on 2017.  The good, the bad, the challenging.  Certainly there has been more up’s than down’s (or so I tend to believe), but it certainly has had some trying times like recently investing into a POS car that I had to turn in to buy a new car.  I can’t begin to tell you the amount of stress that one week did to me.  In the end though, I wound up with a kick-butt VW Jetta that is going to be mine in six years.  I’ll still be under 50 by the time it’s paid off.  Haha! How did I get this old?

God Jul 2017

Today though is Christmas! And Christmas is a time for joy and celebration with family and friends.  The biggest present that I got this year was having my cousin Eva, and her man Andreas, visit us from Sweden! On their very first day here we ran a 5k.  Since then we’ve been SUP’ing, and hiking.  I wish that I had more free time with them, but I have a new car, as a mentioned, that needs to be paid for.  I also got another big Christmas surprise today when I looked under my pile of clothes on my desk so see a new computer! I’ve been working on my old computer which has been extremely slow to the point where if I make a spelling error, I can get up and grab a cup of coffee before the optional correction appears.  Right now, I’m in heaven.  We spent Christmas Eve day (my husband’s birthday) hiking Kaau Crater, a six hour hike up cascading waterfalls to the top of the crater rim into native flora.  There’s nothing better than spending the day with the people that you love.

Christmas day has been very quiet and relaxing.  There’s not too much going on, just writing my blog obviously, while Sky plays Legend of Zelda on his computer.  After two day’s of working out it feels amazing just to be in lala mode before the beginning of a new week.  Tonight we have a Christmas party at my friends house that I have been looking forward to.  It will be a one last hurrah before the New Year festivities begin.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, God Jul, and Happy Holiday’s!

~ The Gypsy

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